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SPEEDYPAY, INC. is an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI), which is a modern non-bank technology useful in sending and receiving, making payments, and withdrawing money.

SpeedyPay EMI uses technology that operates a Money or Value Transfer Service (MVTS) platform called “Mango e-Wallet” that can access either Mobile Application or Physical Card. We are duly licensed and regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to transact as an EMI with Remittance Transfer Company (RTC) with FXD (Foreign Currency dealership) and MC (Money Changing) capability.

Our head office is located at Units 2002-2003, 20th Floor, Antel Global Corporate Centre, No. 3 Julia Vargas, Ortigas Central Business District, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1605.

Last September 18, 2018, we had a successful pilot implementation at the City of Bacolod, Negros Occidental. As an EMI, we can receive/accept cash, payout, purchase, remit, transmit, and pay bills through our Mango e-Wallet.

Our Mango e-Wallet promotes Cash-Less transactions and designed to minimize the need for Cash Withdrawals. Keeping the funds in the e-wallet have many benefits for users.

The Mango e-Wallet can be used immediately to purchase goods from any Mango Authorized Merchants like Sari-sari stores for their daily necessities, and other value-added participating merchants.

We aim to be available in every city and municipality nationwide to reach out the unbanked and unserved Filipinos.

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Experience cashless convenience thru Mango e-Wallet.

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Forget about the long lines at the Payment Centers. Pay bills wherever you are.


Get the best out of your eMango cash best promos and deals are available for you.

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Send Money to your loved ones immediately and hassle-free.

Send Cash Voucher

Send redeemable cash vouchers whenever, wherever.

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Cash out at any outlet with Mango e-Wallet logo.